The Joy of Jewels

I have had a bit of jewelry drama this week while in Italy (wah,wah…cry my a river…i know how this sounds)…

I came knowing I would be gifted a piece for my birthday gift.  I fell in LOVE with a snake came 18k ring at Pomellato.  It happened to also be on sale…score!

My husband went back to purchase the ring while I was shopping with the girls and he starts texting me that they changed the piece etc…I thought he was messing with me. It turns out he had checked out, paid, had the ring in the bag when the sales clerk was keying in the last bit and she realized the ring had been mis-marked. She had in fact quoted the marked price of the tag to me and then my husband.  It turns out the price in the computer was about 40% higher.  

Anyway, he called me explained the situation. I told him to walk away, knowing I could go back and handle this. He got the credit and left.  Well it was NOT to be handled and they would not budge.  Marshall offered to buy “the damn ring” because I am sure he didn’t want to hear my whining…which he did. I refused because of principle.  When you quote a price, especially multiple times as well as charge the card you stick to it.

Here is said ring:

Moving on… I have always really loved vintage jewels too.  When we arrived in Venice I went on a hunt for another ring I saw in a window in Spring of 2014 while here for Blogtour Italy with Modenus. I used my photo locating to go to the exact store and inquire. Here are my original photos…


I found the 1920’s mosaic beauty at the historic Attilo Codognato. The skull ring was pure perfection and vintage yet 30,000 Euros. Again, I walked away but loved meeting the charming owner and hearing the story behind the vintage piece.

After all of that drama I went on a hunt on the web.  I have turned to The Real Real for some amazing pieces in the past. Earlier this year, I found a favorite 18k diamond and elephant pendant/brooch there that was about 1/5 of the current retail. This really is a great source for jewelry including favorite brands like Irene Neuwirth, Ippolita and Temple St. Clair. 

I am thinking I need a lion to remind me of Venezia…logical right? 

Here were some beauties that caught my eye…

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If you are unfamiliar with The Real Real. It’s an online luxury consignment site where you can find amazing designer finds from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more. Everything is 100% authentic and there are so many great deals! I use it to consign my designer pieces from clothes, shoes, bags & accessories. They come to your house and do all the work. 

Get $25 off your first purchase.

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  • January 29, 2018

    Beautiful artwork is done, looks so beautiful and unique.

    In every age group, this kind of rings and lockets are quite popular.

    Keep posting new things I am waiting for the next one to publish.


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