The Magic of Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk Carpet

I am hardly recovered from a busy week on BlogTour Vegas to set out on another adventure to Nashville for the Antiques and Garden Show.

If you are in a 500 mile radius hope in your car and get here.  The line up is stellar as are the finds.  I already feel my wallet starting to combust from my preview today.

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But, first I must share an ingenious product to which I was introduced last week. 


What does this picture represent to you?  

To me it equals D I S A S T E R !

It is cream carpet floating in a massive glass of red vino. 

Red wine is the devil’s juice in terms of carpet, so are dogs and children for that matter.

While on BlogTour Vegas last week I had the pleasure of touring the insanely beautiful and innovative New American Home.  Tour the whole thing HERE (strongly advised). 


One of the many stand out products in the home were the carpets that they demonstrated in the red wine.  They were literally, soaked, dunked etc and they just washed away with water.  


I can tell you I am sold!  It was like a magic trick. 


The innovators at Mohawk have created a fiber that cannot be penetrated.


See more HERE.


The Smart Strand Silk fibers have to be touched to be believed.  They are so soft to the touch yet impervious to liquids.  It is just a dreamy situation. 






While this carpet may be able to hold up to a stampede the colors and quality are still quite residential.


My favorites are the Global Vision pattern  available in 24 colors731Y19_517

and the Tender Traditon also in 24 colors. 



Looking for the perfect playroom carpet?  Here is the answer.


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