The one that got away…Mastercraft Brass

I have not slept.  I could not get it of my head.  I am distraught. 

Saturday, my family and I were running errands. We decided on lunch at the Papi Queso food truck which is always at Sleepy Poet antique mall on Saturdays, which is near one of our errands, Dover Saddlery.  Of course, the anxious rider in the family had to go to her place first.  

We had a lovely lunch on the outside benches with yummy grilled cheeses and tomato soup.  We also met a very cool dog breed, an Italian Spinone.  We chatted and eventually went into the antique mall.  My girls went to the vintage clothes, my husband found a Pink Floyd and The Who albums he had to have. I wandered back toward the desk to meet them where they were paying and saw IT.  




It was the perfect brass desk.  I knew the moment I saw it I had struck gold! I scoured the desk and nearby brass chair for a ticket. No such luck.  I made my 8 year old stand guard so none could get It while I found a store employee.  I soon did.

He explained there were no tags on the brass chair and desk because a lady had just seen it and taken them to the front to pay for them.  I was and am crestfallen.  I hung around a bit.. the lady had not yet appeared to pay but she still had the tags.  We explained the sitc to the desk, gave them a card and phone number.  I called back an hour later…the lady had still not appeared or paid. They said they would call back with news either way.  They did not.

I tossed and turned all night (sad I know).  I either love the chase or the thrill regardless, I called back today at noon promptly at the open to learn the desk and chair were in fact SOLD. Lucky lady!

To add torture to this day, I looked up what I thought pretty confidently was a Mastercraft desk and DAMMIT!  I had really just missed I HUGE deal.. I mean a small fraction of the 1st Dibs cost…like 1/20th.

Here is the desk on 1st Dibs for $10, 500

Mastercraft Sleek Brass Desk Designed by Bernhard Rohne





and the chair for $4300 or a pair for $19, 500. 

1960s Brass Faux Bamboo Chair in the Style of Jacques Adnet by Mastercraft


A Pair of ‘Mastercraft’ Simulated Bamboo Brass Armchairs


Regardless, the ship has sailed. I just had to share.

Just like Dory in Nemo said…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming”  I will continue on my my lifelong quest for fabulous finds with “just keep shopping, just keep shopping” but, next time lunch can wait. 

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  • November 10, 2014

    Love this post! And nothing worse than seeing a steal of the century…and someone else getting it! Thanks for sharing!

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