The Welcoming House and the fabulous party…

The Welcoming House was released last week by Rizzoli.  I could not wait to get my paws on this book by two lovely Charlotte designers, Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith. These talented ladies have been in the business for over 30 years with a charming design shop Circa Interiors. It is one of the best Charlotte has to offer.  

The book does not disappoint as it walks you through many client's homes and the entire process of design.  There is a strong emphasis on elegant entertaining. They also do the very loveliest guest rooms. The work of Circa is always of a muted palette filled with a collection of wonderful antiques mixed with a dash an occasional dash of modern edge.

My favorite house can be seen below. It is one of the designers personal vacation homes outside Jackson Hole , Wyoming. It is just perfect in about every way. (if they ever need a house sitter, I am always available:)

Cindy and Jane with their sweet dogs…

As if the book was not enough, Cindy and Jane had a huge party to celebrate the launch. It was at Jane's home.  It was one of the very best parties I have been to in a LONG time. The food, the flowers, the house, the music and the decor were spot on.  Below are a few BAD iPhone snaps of the multiple tents and decor to give you the idea.  These gracious hostesses certain know how to entertain in style. 

a little peek at the precious beagles in their crate during the party…they were apparently raiding the dining room buffet pre party.  

The Welcoming House book launch will be a night to remember for a very long time in Charlotte. Every detail was considered from the yellow lanterns leading you to the house and the yellow balloons that were tied to your cars as you collected your car from the valet.

 I am honored to have been included. Thank you to Cindy and Jane. 

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