Things I Love Thursday


I am back with week 16 of my Things I Love Thursday series.  

This is a collection of things I use /wear on a regular basis and want to share.

Please say you have watched The Great on Hulu. IT is beyond fantastic, beautiful, elegant, crude and crass all in one stunning package.  I may watch it again. Huzzah!

I love this easy Marfa dress. Katie Kime is having a huge SALE!  I scooped up a skirt too!

Meyer Lemon Cake Mix with Lemon Icing from Trader Joe’s is delish and easy!

Hanky Panky are the best and most comfortable thongs for when you cant wear your comfy granny panties. THEY ARE ON SALE TOO!

I received this Margarita Machine as a late Mother’s Day present and cannot recommend it enough for blended drinks, froze and margaritas. It is a quarantine miracle.

Kettle Avocado Oil Chili Lime Potato Chips are a taste of heaven!!!

More Amazon Sunnies that look like Celine.

I am a HUGE fan of this newly purchased Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse, Quick-Drying, Streak-Free Self-Tanner for Natural-Looking Tan

I ordered these chain extenders to space out the necklaces I have been wearing so everything isnt the same length in my neckmess. I have loved them.

I have been doing lots of deep dives into my books. Slim Aarons truly transports you. I recommend them all! 

Daily Desires:

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