Things I Love Thursday

I am back with my Things I Love Thursday series. 

This is a collection of things I use/wear/want on a regular basis and want to share.

I am so enamored with paper flowersThese Primula are so English and never die.

THESE Pepperidge Farm Limited Edition Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish Crackers are delicious and I didnt even like goldfish until now.

I slept in THESE Back to Bed Short Set in Daughters of Triton by Printfresh last night.  I am in love. They are the perfect summer pjs.

Have you seen the Tipsi Home + Garland Bags Collaboration? It is SO FUN!  I have been carrying my Lottie Bag all summer in Linville.

I saw watching the horse show in Michigan today for 4 hours and got so burned on my legs.  I am trying to even it out now.  This Bondi Sands self tanner came highly recommended by the teens… and they know.

I have a relatively extensive collection of summer wicker bags in kitschy statement designs like a car, a monkey, a horse and a camel to name a few… I am dying to add this gator to the collection. This snail is also high on my want list…

Can you ever really have enough white blouses at under $100 too? 

These are the perfect summer sandal to add a pop to any look at under $100.

If you are going on a BIG adventure for a while this bag is a MUST HAVE.

The Aviator Trunk Set

These have become my absolute favorite exercise shorts! Available in 9 colors and $40. 

 This review of The Paris Novel had me sold… A “mouthwatering” (The New York Times) adventure through the food, art, and fashion scenes of 1980s Paris. 

The Oroton brand is my recent crush from down under.  The Summer Picnic Tunic dress is darling. As are so many others in that style.

I ordered I DEW CARE Dry Shampoo Powder – Tap Secret | With Black Ginseng for our trip.  I love how compact it is. 

My ears get weirdly sore from headphones in ear or the big over ear ones.  I read these are the answer to avoid that. 

Bose – Ultra Open-Ear True Wireless Open Earbuds

I am an All American pride gal. I also adore the Olympics. I think I need this.  I have Flag sweaters I still wear that are easily 20 years old.  It is a classic.  Team USA Crewneck Sweater

My go to European adapter for the number of plugs it allows and 2 for under $15

 Shop the last day of the incredible Shopbop sale!


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