Things I Love Thursday


I am back with week 37 of my Things I Love Thursday series.  

This is a collection of things I use /wear on a regular basis and want to share.

Giant size Glow Tonic for a Limited Time.

I bet this a years worth. I have shared it before but it is so good! Exfoliating facial glow tonic. It helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. It removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skin.

If you’re adding a statement coat to your winter repertoire this season, make it the Cleo Coat from Stand Studio. Never taking itself too seriously but always turning heads, this fuchsia-colored faux fur jacket is detailed with diagonal stripes in shiny faux patent leather with slit side pockets and snap buttons through the front.


Introducing our first ever cuff bracelet. The scarab symbolizes the cycle of life and is worn as protection. Green agate scarab stone. The scarab fits perfectly into our PROTECT collection, giving the wearer a physical reminder of strength and power.

Entertaining Beautifully by Aerin Lauder

An invitation into the endlessly inspiring and unique celebrations of the iconic tastemaker and hostess, this elegant entertaining book reveals how to bring beauty, style, and joy into milestone events, holidays, or everyday moments and meals.

Diptyque Advent Calendar

25 unique days, filled with wonder and joyful impatience. The diptyque Advent Calendar punctuates the wait with 25 surprises — emblematic products from the collection and exclusive items, in full and deluxe sample sizes. Featuring beautiful illustrations by artist Ugo Gattoni, this advent calendar will retain its magic even after the holiday season.

Happy Striped Sweater would certainly be a staple in my wardrobe. 

Primaura Dragonfly cuff is for the bold! I love it!

Jimi Hendrix Photograph from Heart of Gold Gallery  as part of the American Cool exhibition. 

Celebrating The Cultural Icons Who Have Shaped Us

“To be cool is to breach the frontier of tradition or consciousness: to be cool is to be someone who boldly goes where angles and fools fear to tread.”

~ Joel Dinerstein

Jimi Hendrix in Military jacket /  Hand colored / Limited Edition photograph  / © Gered Mankowitz

 I am obsessed with the VIOLET AURA PENDANT

Your Aura is your energetic force field, and your energy is your power. Radiating from you in unseen light, the Aura reflects the vibration of your entire being – your most powerful resource.

The Violet Aura pendant is designed to enhance this resource by channelling the energies of this particular aura.

Violet is the Aura of transformation through healing, spiritual connection and divine support. Harnessing the power of the crown chakra, the Violet Aura supports you in becoming the master of your destiny through connection to higher consciousness. Wear your Violet Aura pendant daily to inspire deep healing, wisdom and spirit-lead alignment.

Deep Amethyst: healing, higher consciousness 

Lilac Amethyst: healing, spiritual connection, divine support, transformation

Clear Quartz: protection, healing, expansion

Scalamandre + Stubbs & Wootton = LOVE

Leaping Cheetah is a signature pattern featuring cheetahs frolicking against a backdrop of saturated color.


Vital Turmeric Gummies – Turmeric Curcumin Supplement with Ginger – Joint Support and Inflammatory Response – Tasty Gummy Alternative to Turmeric Capsules…gonna try this for the aching in my old joints. 

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