Things I Love Thursday

I am back with week 78 of my Things I Love Thursday series.  

This is a collection of things I use/wear/want on a regular basis and want to share.

These Italian cherries are incredible in an old fashioned. The strawberries are going to be a strawberry, basil, vodka concoction. 

Large Amarena Fabbri Wild Cherries & Fabbri Strawberries Combo

I am so obsessed with Silvia Furmanovich at Tiny Gods in Charlotte.

These 18K Yellow Gold Bamboo Mushroom Earrings are incredible! 

Twins Beige Vase by Alepel is tres chic! 

The “Silvia Furmanovich” Book needs to adore my coffee table! 

You must listen to the Murdaugh Murders podcast. It is fascinating and CRAZY!

The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence

Piedmont 4 LT Light  Lantern is on sale… 

“Candy Stripes 2” Contemporary Abstract Acrylic Painting by Poppy Dodge


I am craving these sensible heel boots.

Daily Desires:

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