Tony Duquette’s Dawnridge


This beautiful property was originally owned by Tony Duquette and his wife, Elizabeth.  Hutton and Ruth Wilkinson bought the home and property from the estate in order to save and preserve the history of Dawnridge.  Hutton had updated and redecorated the property over the years. You can see many of the original pictures in his books Tony Duquette and More is More in an exclusive box set.  If you do not have them that are worth the investment.  They are exquisite eye candy.  You can reread them and find new wonderful objects each time.  

Hutton was so gracious to give us a tour of historic Dawnridge.  I had trouble taking pictures and listening to the many stores that related to each piece in the house.  Each antique is steeped in some majestic story of a fabulous movie set, a Venetian palazzo or or Tony and Hutton finding $5 hubcaps to complete and item, that in turn looks like a million dollars. 

I hope you enjoy all there is to take in. The malachite walls, the ornate screens, the mirrors, the biomorphic console now available through Baker  are all the pieces  that really come together to define the creativity and originally this design force exuded. It was not about the cost but the look.  I totally love the "More is More"  philosophy.  I can appreciate minimalism but, Hutton took my heart with passion on this maximalist adventure.  

I am so beyond grateful to have been included in his tea party.  It was one of the true highlights on my quest to learn all I can about design.

Dawnridge is my mecca and Hutton is my Allah of design.

Enjoy the photos…





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