Doing Good with Tufenkian Artisan Carpets

I love working with vendors that look beyond the easy production sources and go beyond to help the precious souls in this world. Get to know a company “Doing Well By Doing Good” and creating the most gorgeous handmade rugs. 

Tufenkian’s business philosophy of giving back has become the foundation of all of James Tufenkian’s business ventures and is based upon a self-sustaining cycle: skilled labor improves manufacturing, which creates a higher quality product, which in turn produces more profits, which can be used to fund education, which continues to add to the skilled labor pool.  Contrary to the traditional approach to handmade carpet manufacturing overseas (demand for lower prices has typically had manufacturers reducing material quality and increasing the use of child labor), the Tufenkian business is based upon social conscience.  Special training, higher wages, work places with modern amenities, health programs and schools for local communities and a ban on child labor are all hallmarks of the Tufenkian way of doing

And the wisdom of this unique philosophy is clearly evident in its success.  Tufenkian is recognized as the innovative and quality leader of handmade Tibetan and Armenian rugs with showrooms in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR, and 150+ dealers across the U.S.  More than just a resource to sophisticated designers and consumers alike, Tufenkian has staked its claim as the yardstick by which excellence in carpet design is measured.

Here are a few favorites of their amazing rugs…











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