Vintage Schumacher Wallpaper by Saul Steinberg

I was recently searching for The Views of Paris wallpaper since my daughter was in Paris texting me and Instagramming that she was moving there.  I thought she might like the paper recalled. I was led down a long and winding rabbit hole of wallpaper and fabrics created by Saul Steinburg now represented by F. Schumacher.

Enjoy his gleeful illustrations. 


Born in Romania and trained in Milan, Saul Steinberg’s drawings, paintings, prints, and collages made him an incredible force in the art world and one of the most renowned illustrators. Steinberg’s exquisite combination of whimsical influence and mechanical precision elevated the use of popular graphics. His signature artwork, a perfect blend of consistency and complexity, was featured on the cover of New Yorker 90 times and inside of the magazine more than 1, 200 times. Trained as a draftsman during the 1930s, Steinberg’s architectural influence is apparent in his depictions of cities, buildings, roads, and animals. During the 1950s, Steinberg designed Views of Paris, Opera, Aviary, Trains, and Horses for Decorator’s Walk and Greeff. These fanciful designs are now part of the Schumacher collection. They have a timeless appeal and add modern sophistication to a range of interior spaces.




VIEWS OF PARIS Wallpaper and Fabric

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