Wallpaper Love: Tropical Wallpaper Murals

Diving straight into the 2016 interiors trend, Murals Wallpaper launched their Tropical Wallpaper Collection.

Designed in-house by their team of expert designers, these original prints capture all the essence of the summer vibes with a twist of South American flair. Playful, textured and bursting with character, these wallpaper designs will bring your rooms to life and keep you in vogue for the rest of the year.

Get tropical inspired wallpapers featuring beautiful designs in this Tropical collection. The wide variety of options showcases different patterns such as the classical tropical leaves and beautiful flamingos that can transform a place into a tropical paradise. The design and styles can fill the interior design and practical needs of any room in the house. For those who need tropical wallpaper, these options are simply great choices.










These are my favorites… What are yours? 

Tropical Banana Leaf Wallpaper_0

Pink and Green Tropical Leaf Wallpaper_0

Pink and Blue Flamingo Wallpaper_0

Tropical 3d Leaf Wallpaper_0

 See more at Murals Wallpaper. 

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