Wallpaper Wants: Grand Canyon

I love wallpaper…more walls needed 

This hand-painted design is a veritable tribute to the opulent and majestic headdresses of Native American tribal chiefs.


Pierre Frey takes us elsewhere, to the discovery of a New World, with the enthusiasm and freshness of a tireless curiosity seeker. Popularized by explorers’ notebooks and Westerns, the first nations of America magnetize with an irresistible attraction. The GRAND CANYON collection evokes this culture, where Native Americans live in harmony with their environment and carry on a never-ending dialog with the spirit world. It offers a perception of the territory from the Rockies to the Great Plains with a perfect balance between respect and freedom. Imagination and reinterpretation have taken the lead in the combination of designs and the very modern chromatic range. Colors echo each other, sometimes in traditional ochers and blues, sometimes in bold and contemporary shades, with mixtures of water lily purple, mimosa and emerald green.
This tribute is meant to be eclectic, weaving together fantasy and reality. The designs in this collection were created using a variety of techniques such as weaving, embroidery, hand-drawing with pencil, ink or pastel illustrations and screen printing. This range is brought to life using materials and printing techniques such as matte paint and lacquer, end-on-end laminated linen, non-woven paper in an extra-wide format or traditional printing.

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