Wallpaper Wednesday: Spring Chinoiserie by She She

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday!

I am crazy for this chinoiserie wallpaper by She She especially in the warm gray shown below. It comes in 4 colors. 

The quarantine of 2020 was surprisingly beneficial for us (and most likely all of you) in ways we never expected. The creation of our “Spring Chinoiserie” climbed the ranks for most exciting addition to our lives with every new painted addition that appeared on the wall of Kate’s bedroom.

This climbing botanical was started (and we thought completed) before we all hunkered down but as the weeks and months passed, the artwork continued to evolve, inspired mostly by the seasonal shift from Winter to Spring.

Painting bare branches, then slowly painting blooms and leaves as they blossomed outside, eventually throwing in a little whim and She She drama with Jenny’s favorite rare rose and a few robins that would fly up and perch outside of Kate’s window every morning is a quick glimpse into the process that resulted from our new way of life.

One week, a caged love dove was added to the wall followed by the wild Midwestern Peacock known for its outgoing personality and love of socializing a few weeks later.

Our Spring Chinoiserie continued to evolve with us until Kate moved out of her apartment, thus completing the design that you see here.

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