Wallpaper Wednesday: Arjumand’s World

I have serious wanderlust on this Wallpaper Wednesday.

Arjumand’s World is the perfection to cure what ails me.

Arjumand’s traveling starts in Agra, north of India. Its in Agra where Arjumand redescoveres and imagines the first creative idea: the Imperial collection, printed on fabrics and wallpapers.
The decorative motifs inspired by the Moghol and Ottoman tradition are the result of Arjumand’s history, a noble Princess with Persian origins, Moghol of adoption. The Taj Mahal, build in her memory it testimony of this dresses

Arjumand depart from Agra through the great discovery of the Asiac countries and peoples: the great Russia, where Arjumand finds inspiration in old fabrics created in Genoa in the seventeenth century for the Russian court.
Japan, the island where Arjumand finds old fabrics dyed with indigo blue, the result of passion experimented in the nineteenth century for the color indigo blue: plants as the Polygonium tinctorium from which derives the pigment that gives rise to the color blue, a sophisticated blue.
The South East China, the Miao people, where Arjumand discovers local people’s dresses, entirely embroidered. Lines, squares, dancing flowers. The China collection.

The Arab countries, where Arjumand finds the decorative motif as ‘absolute geometry’ and the repeat as hypnotic, in an iconoclast world.
The Balkan peninsula, interconnected to Greece and to the Turkish coast, embroidery representing what women saw with their the eyes and their hand embroideres, evidence of stylized flowers and nature, ancient yet contemporary at the same time.

Welcome to the imaginary world of Arjumand.

Here are a few favorites: 

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