Wallpaper Wednesday: Biophilia by Kit Miles

While exploring ADAC today during Digital Day, I popped in a few showrooms for clients needs. I also discovered a few new finds.

Delinah Simmons‘ showroom had some extraordinary lines that I was thrilled to stumble upon.

A favorite was Biophillia by the immensely talented Kit Miles. 

The scale is stunning as is the bold color! 

Named after a love affair with nature, this design seeks to underpin the studio’s commitment to rendering beautiful and surreal the abundant and strange realities ever present in plant life across the globe. Kit is personally an avid reader of science, in particular physics and biology by some of the leading thinkers in their field today, and presents his Biophillia design as a piece of visual poetry, evoking his readings on evolution and the majesty of a world of profound complexity and beauty. This pattern forms part of a great tradition of botanical print-making and is pointed towards the notion of ‘a beautiful future’.

The five colourways in the collection seek to capture the 5 columns of nature: Ocean, Sky, Moor, Jungle and Night.

His Birds in Chains is stunning too!


Be sure to check out so many of his other designs HERE and shop them through the Delinah Simmons Showroom at ADAC.

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