Wallpaper Wednesday: Emma J. Shipley Murals

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday!

I am always Emma J. Shipley obsessed especially with the new murals.

Discover a lost adventure, in this wallpaper mural inspired by the adventurous tales of Jules Verne, and the captivating wildlife of Africa. With curious peacock-tailed zebras, winding foliage, towering mountains and mighty dinosaurs in the distance, there`s a whole world to explore within this intricate design. 

The striking zebra print monochrome colour palette is brought to life by the dramatic midnight navy background, featuring a beautiful ombré that will travel up your walls. The Lost Adventure wallpaper mural will transform your home with animal magic.

Go on a magical trip to the Scottish Highlands with this mural wallpaper. Inspired by tales of the Loch Ness monster, prehistoric creatures and fantastical stories, this design will transport you to a realm of magic and wonder.

The surreal scene, made up of two of our bestselling designs, Highlandia and Wonder World, is printed on a rich lagoon-coloured ombré base, with intricate details in a green and turquoise colour palette.

Cloud Forest Wallpaper Mural

Embark on a journey to the enchanted cloud forest with this mural wallpaper, inspired by the magnificent `resplendent quetzal` bird and the flora and fauna found in the Costa Rican cloud forest. These elusive creatures are surrounded by other enchanting wildlife such as hummingbirds, bats, lizards, and a tiger heron, all perched upon the vines and moss of the forest in Emma’s imagined world. 

The breathtaking design is printed in an opulent colour palette of verdant greens and teal, reflecting the lush foliage of the forest.


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