Wallpaper Wednesday: Funky Elephant by Charlotte Gaisford

While looking through wallpaper samples at my office with a client I came across the most amazing paper I had forgotten about, Funky Elephant by Charlotte Gaisford.

 It is a wild and magical paper that transports me right back to India.

It is for the maximalist to be sure! 

“I wasn’t really intending on making the Funky Elephant into wallpaper.  I had it as a digital file while I was designing the Empire collection Orlando the Great elephant design. I had created this design just to see what the pattern would look like and I didn’t take into account the colours I used. Recently I was contacted by an American designer because they had found an old photo on my instagram account and wanted it as wallpaper. I originally thought I had lost the design file but after a bit of searching I came across it. I had some wallpaper tests done and sent them over to the designer who loved it and immediately bought it for her client. Then I started getting more requests and sales for this design so I thought I would add it to my collections. I have made it quite a large scale which really makes it even more mad!”

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