Wallpaper Wednesday: Kruger by Emma J. Shipley

Now more than ever, we are spending time at home.

I challenge you to really use every room. Enjoy your space. Discover what works and what doesn’t.  What space is boring? What chair do you never want to sit in? You need to LOVE all of your home. 

We will be back to normal before we know it and you can implement the changes and upgrades you desire.  

Do you need more art, colorful pillows, or more wallpaper?

 I always want more wallpaper.  I could cover ever surface in it!

Here is a recent favorite:

Animalia Wallcoverings by Emma J Shipley

I am obsessed! 

Feel free to email for pricing or samples. I need the Kruger in Lime in my life! 

We gotta go back to work because my online shopping skills are too well honed!

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