Wallpaper Wednesday: One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday! 

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Wallpaper by Wendy Morrison is pure perfection and her palettes are totally my jam. 

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers’ original rug design was inspired by an exquisite pair of Japanese scrolls depicting many birds and animals living together in harmony. An uplifting design, full of symbolism, hope and vitality, our wallpaper resembles a peaceful, restorative garden, with exotic birds, flowers, trees, and foliage bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

A pair of cranes, which represent beauty, harmony, grace, and balance, stretch elegantly up and out of colourful flowers and foliage along the base of the wallpaper. A slim plum blossom tree reaches upwards towards a canopy of green leaves and tree branches along the top, which mirrors the planting below.

Delicate and colourful, the mood is light and playful, a design made to lift the spirits and soothe the soul. Immerse yourself in scenes from a beautiful outdoor setting or create an interior ‘garden’ on one wall.

Just like our Joie de Vivre design, the One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers wallpaper comes as three individual panels.

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