Wallpaper Wednesday: PRECARIOUS PANGOLINS by Zoffany

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday!

I found a fabulous find the is colorful and quirky.  

This beauty is Precarious Pangolins from Zoffany. 


Carefully making its way across a game of metaphorical snakes and ladders, pangolin mothers desperately clamber across a perilous terrain of rickety bridges. Dicing with the precarities of life, the next generation scrambles to cling on as giant floating fruits disguise the subversive tone of a carnivalesque atmosphere. One of the most illegally trafficked animals of the past decade, the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has listed all eight species of pangolin under the threat of extinction.

Designer Sam Wilde will give a contribution from the sales of ‘Precarious Pangolins’ to the World Land Trust, a charity whose projects support the conservation of the pangolin’s natural habitat in the Far East.


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  • May 19, 2022

    franki Parde

    I’ve seen “more snakes” in “design” lately…yikes,, creeps me out…no thanks…franki

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