Wanderlust Wednesday: Timber Cove Resort

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all….Timber Cove is the place. 

With more than 55 miles of dramatic Pacific coastline, 400 award-winning wineries, and the charming areas of Jenner, Bodega Bay, Fort Ross, Gualala, Sea Ranch, and Timber Cove, the Sonoma Coast is a destination unlike any other. The area makes for one of the most stunning drives anywhere, with many scenic overlooks beckoning travelers to pull over for a rewarding view.

Located on Highway 1 along the Sonoma Coast, Timber Cove is about fifteen miles north of downtown Jenner and one hour from the Sonoma Airport. Often photographed by famed photographer Ansel Adams, the setting is considered to be one of California’s most beautiful coastlines. 

Timber Cove is within 2-1/2 hours of the San Francisco Bay area, with air access via Sonoma Airport or easy drive from Santa Rosa. On your journey to the resort, you will experience some of the best wine tasting in Sonoma County, including the Russian River and Green Valley wine regions. Scenic coastal drives from the north or south include the charming towns of Bodega Bay, Santa Rosa or Healdsburg which are all great day trips, with outdoor activities like river rafting, hiking, and kayaking also available. 

Timber Cove is proud of its rich lineage. Built in 1963 as a place of meditation and tranquility, Timber Cove was designed by famed architect and original owner Richard Clements Jr., who was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architectural style. Envisioned as a dramatic A-Frame structure, the original Timber Cove generously incorporated redwood and stone materials to create a timeless space that complements the local surroundings. 

A friend of Richard Clements, the famed San Francisco artist and sculptor Beniamino Bufano, designed Timber Cove’s landmark obelisk, the Bufano Peace Statue Monument (originally named “The Expanding Universe”). Soaring 93-feet above the cliffs, the Peace Statue is an iconic symbol of beauty, spirit, and tranquility. Many other notable artists have been drawn to Timber Cove, including renowned photographer Ansel Adams, who returned to the site again and again as a source of inspiration. Over the years, Timber Cove became known as “a place to be,” offering a unique location to relax, reconnect, and recharge. 

In 2016, Timber Cove’s new owners invested in, renovated and repositioned the hotel. This was a careful process, with an overriding emphasis on retaining Timber Cove’s iconic architectural bones and artistic soul while bestowing the comforts and amenities of a modern resort. The design team meticulously blended the surrounding landscape and local artwork through the interior, using an earthy color palette that made heavy use of redwood and stone from the original design. Updated furnishings feature both modern and retro pieces, along with a hint of tribal textiles, white fabrics, worn leather, and preppy plaids to complement the intimate spaces. Variously described as “rustic modern” and “Hippie chic,” the final result is a stunning realization of casual sophistication. More than ever, Timber Cove is a hotel like no other.

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