Week in Review via Instagram

This was a great week. The children started 6th, 4th and Kindergarten.  All are happy and loving being back with their friends.  Freedom from 7:30 to 3:30 equals happy Mama!

Lighting was installed.  Loving this dining room chandelier of pink quartz.

A charming aqua lantern…

The piece de la resistance… the turquoise beaded chandelier on a coral ceiling.

My killer cocktail glasses…

The favorite Katie Ridder back in the back powder at a client's…

Shiny snakeskin paper with black lacquer trim…

Office wallpaper via Katie Ridder too in a perfect Prussian blue…

Waffles looking precious in my Lulu DK chant chair…

An art shopping trip with a client… Deciding between this Rana Rochat and

this Selena Beaudry both at Hidell Brooks Gallery.  Both are so beautiful.

Cool pair of chairs at Slate Interiors

More Viceroy inspired chairs at Slate Interiors

A fun wine glass chandelier… cleaning it would be a pill.  This would be great in a wine room.

These beautiful stools arrived for the foot of a client's bed.

Saturday we purged toys and plastic junk.  It felt great going to deliver to Salvation Army.

We actually brought Moon shoes away from the Salvation Army drop off.  A couple was drooping these new in box Moon shoes and my children took them right off the truck.  Free toy exchange… My husband was totally against this.

They have been a huge hit!

After our hard work, we earned a well deserved lunch treat at Pinky's.  Pimpin fries are indescribable amazing but, a heart attack on a plate.

My daughter went to the mall with friends with parents as a first.  She returned home with press on nail in Angry Birds pattern. Not so chic…

My retail therapy for the week…  I love this hide and stone cuff.

I popped in Charlotte's Garden Friday to find over 50 beautiful green arrangements for a party that night.  

Are they not beautiful? If you need flowers or your house decorated at Christmas or for a party, Charlotte's Garden is the place to call.

Hope you had a great week too.


  • August 27, 2012

    love the all green arrangements!

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