Weekend Update…

Friday I ran around town with clients looking for various things.  I found this sample alone at Renaissance Bath and Tile on the table in a sea of carrera marble samples.  It was waiting for me to come in and fall in love.  This crazy quirky chevron tile of various colors of glass is INSANE!  Ready to put in the backsplash of my bar.  I have dark cabinets.  It also is behind doors.  What a great surprise when you open up looking for a drink!

We ran by Hidell Brooks Gallery to check out the David Kroll paintings.  The show goes up this week.  My client fell in love with a painting similar to below with a blue vase and koi.  His work is so beautiful.  Photographs never capture the luminosity.

Friday night we went to Sugarland at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. My husband's office bought a box for the season.  It was so nice having front row parking, private bathrooms and table service for drinks.  Jennifer Nettles voice is truly unreal.  I think she kind of sounds like me in the shower.  The set below looked just like a fabric I had pulled earlier in the day.  Don't you agree?

Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa

The whole new collection is very quirky cool.  I love the tie dye velvet.

Saturday was soccer, baseball and errands. I picked up Gigi's Cupcakes for a diving party that my daughter was having on Sunday.

These cupcakes are the biggest things ever.  3" inches of icing crown each top…and the taste great too.

Fun scuba diving party on Sunday was a hit with the favorite teacher from last year and maybe ever!

My weekend retail therapy included new sneakers for casual wear.  In gold of course…

A precious scarf from Anthropologie

I also bought a pair of Newton running shoes.  They feel very different on but, I am getting used to it…  I sure do like the colors.

I decided If I were tile, I would be the above and If I were shoes, I would be these neon pink and orange floral beauties by Blumarine.. 

As I just served yummy Moravian chicken pie to my children for dinner, Gigi asked is this "chicken pot throw up?"

We are lacking gratitude…and too all a good night.