Weekend Update

We had a nice long weekend in the mountains.  I was alerted of the amazing flowers being done on Saturday for various events.  The flowers for Eseeola Lodge and many private parties are all done by the very talented Janna Avery of Callista Designs.   These are just a few things in the works this weekend.

This tall beauty is genius with apples and watermelons anchoring the base. I adore the bells of Ireland and the vivid flower colors.

Each of these centerpieces contain different decorative elements such as birds, butterflies, frogs, pagodas, etc.  The moss is around the potted lady slipper orchid, ensuring they should last for weeks.

These were done in collaboration with Mrs. Houston Blount, a member of The Garden Club of America and annual attendee of The Chelsea Flower Show.  These centerpieces for her brunch are PRECIOUS.

Flowers and greenery over the fireplace in the main room.

The entry at the Eseeola Lodge…

Flowers in the bar entry…

We put up our bunting early this year and finished packing trunks for camp. 

We dropped our son early this am at Falling Creek Camp.  He is gone for a month.  I am sad but, he is beyond thrilled.  I got one letter last year.  Hoping for  a few this year.

Falling Creek was featured in Time magazine a few years back.

We raced back home and are headed to see The Brothers of the Sun.  So excited!

We are packed for Main camp at Camp Greystone.  V is off for 5 weeks in the morning.  We plan to leave at 5:30am.   UGH!

This camp is so beautiful. 

Back to work!


  • June 25, 2012

    my girl looks so pretty in your yard 🙂

  • June 26, 2012


    Seriously what are you doing with just one child at home?

  • June 27, 2012

    Sherry Fletcher

    I just loved the pictures of the summer flower arrangements! The floral designer for the Lodge is certainly a talented artist. Does she do private work outside of this? Thank you.

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