Weekend Update and High Point Market on the horizon…

This week had a great curtain install. This amazing dining room has become a favorite.  A few finishing touches and we will be photo ready.  

Love the details

Another American Girl…

Birthday breakfast before dawn…

A client took this Selena Beaudry piece out on approval via Hidell Brooks Gallery. So hope she keeps it….

Dying for the white leather swivel stools from Darnell and Co.  

Friday night we had a party at home to celebrate a dear friend conquering cancer and chemo.  It was a fun and well earned celebration.

Saturday was Gigi's birthday party at my favorite Lazy 5 Ranch

A baby giraffe…

A baby giraffe learning to walk on a lead decided to hug her handler …weak at the knees!

A scottish highland cow that wanted to be besties…

His breath curled my eyelashes….

So beautiful but apparently quite mean…

Mowing the grass…

I am off to market in the morning and an so excited to see the new finds.  A few of the Style Spotters have already tipped me off on some of the greats. 






Let me know if you have shopping requests…


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