Weekend Update and The Tobacco Barn


I bought this John Sperry painting on tin in Linville at 87 Ruffin Street Gallery in anticipation of Bo coming home. He is a huge Beatles fan. It is for his Linville bedroom. 


I had a delish dinner at my brother and sister-in-laws.  I was requested to only bring bread.  The SIL is the BEST cook I have ever met.  I knew I needed to really bring it!


This recipe for BUBBLE BREAD I found on the internet.  It is a copy of bread we ate in Florida in college.  My friends and I still dream about The Bubble Room's bread. This recipe is very close.


Dinner started with multiple yummy apps including Avocado toast and unreal Mango Margaritas from The Pioneer Woman


Have you ever seen a real like werewolf?

This is Schatje their werewolf puppy.  She is actually a super fancy and funny Dutch Rough Haired Shepard directly from Europe last fall. Yes they speak Dutch to her…she speaks English too. 


Dessert before…


Dinner. Ashley just whipped up black eyed peas, cheese grits, spinach and the best pork chops and peppers with a balsamic reduction sauce that I have ever tasted. She invented this recipe and will share when she gets it typed out. 


This dessert was seriously the BOMB.  The recipe is odd but she followed it exactly.

Apple Dumplings from The Pioneer Women



BEST DESSERT EVER! I kid you not…

Early Friday am pick up of my son from his heaven on earth, Falling Creek Camp


Bo was absolutely the saddest boy in the world to leave his friends and counselors.  As a parent I try not to have hurt feelings.  I love that he really loves camp and he came home a kinder, more polite, sweeter spirit than when he left.  This camp is truly a blessing for him. 


We headed to Asheville to The Tobacco Barn for a little cheer up.  Bo loved this last year because it reminds him of his favorite show, American Pickers. If you are in the area this is a do not miss stop.

This trip I found loads of chairs…Loved these green outdoor chairs.


Bo checking out old albums…He is a huge Beatles fan. 


great set for a steal…


Brass table and chairs…


The brass folding chairs could be terrific with a great fabric and some cleaning…


These would be so handsome at a game table…


I wish I had strapped these on top of the car…


A little paint and cute cushions.  I am tempted to drive back if I was not headed to Santa Fe on Wednesday and The Southern C Summit next week. IMG_9701

I said I wanted to build a house for these doors.  Bo loved the idea.  Marshall, the hubs, not so much…

look at the detail…


The carving is really breathtaking. I cannot imagine the time it must have taken…


Great industrial chic barstools were also very tempting..


Off to Linville to enjoy the family and more rain. 6cb42b00f18811e2a1b122000a1f9702_7

I wore my crazy hand painted silk Kimono dress to my Mom's birthday dinner.  A fire breathing dragon in crazy color..I could not resist. 


My parents garden is crazy good right now. I do not have a green thumb unlike my mother (and her gardeners).

 We have had over 30" the month of July.  The normal average is 4-5".  Needless to say this is slowing down our exterior painting but, it is looking GREAT!


This sums it up!

Hope you had a great weekend too. 


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  • July 21, 2013

    What a fun post – I've now added a visit to The Tobacco Barn to my bucket list.

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