It is no secret, I LOVE Hermès.  The French luxury brand epitomizes chic and of course the signature orange draws me in to be sure. The  fabric and wallpaper line is luxurious and beyond.  Jerry Pair in New York had the full Dedar line represented and hanging.  I could not get enough.  The horses, elephants and.. read more →

As a designer, we get asked to suggest and help not only clients but occasionally our family and friends too. I was recently challenged to pick some SUPER BUDGET FRIENDLY items for a soon to be college grad.  I new exactly where to turn.  Without hesitation Sauder is the source for just this type of.. read more →

It is that wonderful holiday time again!  I am thrilled to share my first of my 2014 Holiday Gift Guides.  I have spent hours upon hours scouring the web for the best of the best and leavin’ the rest.  I hope you enjoy! The first one this year is The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for.. read more →

I am trying this again… Lord have mercy on me and my  crazy tech/ email issues the past week!  This could make a girl crazy… How did i miss these last spring and summer…Tretorn Nylite Florence Broadhurst Exciting news!  Todd Alexander Romano designed a line for Schumacher. Check it out! This table is FAB. Gotta have.. read more →

I have had the good fortune to go around the world with Modenus.  First we were off to London last fall, then to Venice and Milan. Now I have accepted the kind invitation head to the Sin City to attend KBIS, Modenus Talks, Vegas Market and so much more! What a great was to kick.. read more →

My website and email are hopefully back in action.  Fingers crossed!   I offer you a continued feather motif to lighten the mood.  Believe me, I have been told to “lighten up” more than once the past few days. Enjoy your weekend. See more feather fun HERE and HERE. I will get back on treck with a wonderful Artist.. read more →

I am a Windsor Smith fan!   This is one of my favorite spaces designer by Windsor for her own brood of California boys. See her whole home in House Beautiful.  The collection she has recently designed for Century Furniture is spectacular too.     Century Designer – Windsor Smith Windsor Smith, founder and creator of Windsor Smith Home, Windsor Smith Home Collectionand Windsor Smith Room.. read more →

The ever clever and charming Katie Armour has turned her expertly trained design eye from Matchbook Magazine to an exciting new project she just launched, Buddy Editions! “Today I am so thrilled to announce the launch of a new project I have been working on for many months. Buddy Editions is an online art gallery that sells exclusive.. read more →

I am continuing on the feather theme this week after the Ralph Lauren Carolyn Collection. I cannot stop thinking about these Fantastic Feather Pendants by Grace & Blake from #hpmkt.  Available In: 12″ D x 10″ H 18″ D x 10″ H 24″ D x 12″ H So fun right? I wonder what other feathers I will.. read more →

As many of you know I have a little bit of a shopping fetish.  I am drawn to many motifs such as elephants, horses, skulls, Native Americans, teepees, feathers and more. Somehow I missed the Ralph Lauren Carolyn Tabletop Collection upon its introduction a few years ago.  I am smitten with these chic feather plates… read more →

I am excited to introduce you to an artiste extraordinaire from down under whose colorful abstract works have captured my attention.   Kerry Armstrong  Melbourne, Australia

   What is your training?     I am self taught and very intuitive in my approach other than a few art lessons.  What helped me enormously in my lessons was.. read more →

I have not slept.  I could not get it of my head.  I am distraught.  Saturday, my family and I were running errands. We decided on lunch at the Papi Queso food truck which is always at Sleepy Poet antique mall on Saturdays, which is near one of our errands, Dover Saddlery.  Of course, the anxious.. read more →

A little light Sunday reading… The Preppy 10 Commandments…too good to not share.  1. Thou shalt embrace cocktail hour—anytime. 2. Thou shalt invoke your middle name(s)/initial(s) whenever possible. 3. Thou can never be in too many clubs or wear too many layers. 4. Thou shalt honor Ralph Lauren, Slim Aarons, the creator of the Southside cocktail, and C.Z. Guest. 5. Thou shalt not.. read more →

I cannot believe Christmas is less than 7 weeks away. Gift Guides are popping up everywhere.  I am starting to feel the need to do my Christmas shopping.   You should too because the sales are really good this weekend with…  J. Crew 25% off with GETWARM J. Crew Factory 30% off with EXTRA30 Singer.. read more →