Happy Artist Spotlight Series Monday!  I am taken with the bold and colorful abstract works of this recent find  Enjoy getting to know the talented Valerie Leuchs New York, New York What is your training? Throughout my childhood I took art classes and in college I studied Studio Art at Boston College and participated.. read more →

I need more walls in my life.   I am always finding new artists that I want to add to my collection. Enjoy a look at the recent works of Emma Childs available at Hidell Brooks Gallery.  I am crazy for the shaped canvases that Emma creates herself as well as her unexpected color palettes. .. read more →

  I am back with a long overdue Artist Spotlight Series Feature. I give you a Texas talent and introduce you to Ellen Schuster Houston, Texas  What is your training?  My undergraduate degree is interior design and I minored in art history. I have ALWAYS been drawn to beauty especially in the form of color and texture. It wasn’t.. read more →

23 Aug 2021
August 23, 2021

Art Love:Terry Urban

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The teens know everything! A friend’s 16 year old daughter sent me this first piece today knowing I would LOVE it, which I do.  It is her favorite artist, Terry Urban. This LA artist is one to watch. I love the street art, punk rock influence and cool feel. The piece I love is sold.. read more →

09 Aug 2021
August 9, 2021

Art Love: Ben Steele

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Happy Monday! Being back in the office felt good. I’m ready to get ready for fall and new projects on the horizon. I’m sad to send my 2 oldest off to TCU this week but excited for them to be at the same school for the first time in 5 years. I also LOVE to.. read more →

I’m sharing some art love today revisiting a previous Artist Spotlight Series featuring Liza Hathaway Matthews HERE. Her work has evolved with a little pandemic inspiration. These recent pieces are so full of joy and remind me of my summers in the NC mountains and the abundance of flowers and color. See the entire new.. read more →

I have had the good fortune to pop in many local galleries in the past week. I love seeing each curated show.  I had the pleasure of visiting Sozo Gallery for the Levity Show. “Levity is the lightness of mind, soul, and being. It is reducing solemness and finding laughter through hard times. Levity is.. read more →