I have partially recuperative from my trip to LA.  First stop was H. D Buttercup for a great party.  Here is a view of some of my favorite items. Plexicraft was a sponsor of the conference and gave away these great acrylic chairs. Love! Adam Japko kicking off the conference… Interesting graphic of the reach.. read more →

I arrived safely in New York.  The shopping extravaganza already began. I am in trouble! I am staying with my close friends and my sweet "nieces and nephew" (not really but the call me Aunt:) How great are these Carter Kustera silhouettes in her breakfast room? Anthroplogie drew me in with this cute ikat shirt… read more →

In 1 short week I will be in NYC for Blogfest 2012.  I am so excited for all the wonderful speakers and events.  I am ready for this marathon of events. Check out the agenda.  Kravet has done an amazing job putting together this event for Interior Design Bloggers.  Monday, May 21st   12:00 PM.. read more →