So much to see, So much to read, Here are the articles, recipes and places that caught my interest the past few weeks. I missed a week so there is lots to read!  I am ready to plan a visit…Beaverbrook is arguably England’s most beautiful new hotel. MOST NOTABLE INDUSTRY COMINGS AND GOINGS OF 2018.. read more →

It is too cold to do anything and I have a cold. I have spent the day on the sofa watching more Netflix.  I have almost completed watching all the things…literally ALL the things. To cure my boredom, I turned to more internet browsing and Instagram scrolling. If you haven’t seen my stories you must… read more →

I am busy in the ATL at market and shopping for clients at ADAC. I also am coming down wit a darn sore throat…no time for that. I need a party for THIS chic suit. Never can you go wrong with a flag sweater … or two on supersale. I wonder if I can get.. read more →

 It is the big night of the 76th Golden Globes and my first Dress to Room Pairing of 2019. I love this fashion extravaganza of an evening and I really love pairing with a favorite room. See past Dress to Room Pairings.  What were your favorite looks? Via via      via via via via via via via.. read more →

January is hard… and a hair depressing. Everyone is doing Dry January or The Whole 30 or some other misery they will ditch in the next little bit.  It is just a hard time of the year with dark days and dreary weather.  Thank the good Lord for Netflix and Hulu. I have never watched.. read more →

27 Dec 2018
December 27, 2018

New Year’s Style

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I am a low key kind of New Year’s Eve gal..except for last year in Venice.   We have gone to the mountains for years and chill in front of a fire, hike with our dogs, make family fondue and enjoy a bit more cheer.  This year that is the plan. Good news if you.. read more →

So much to see, So much to read, So much to do before Christmas! Here are the articles, recipes and places that caught my interest this week.  The Downton Abbey Movie Officially Has a Teaser Trailer A Family’s Beloved Villa in Tangier with a Story as Vibrant as Its Design Holidays in the South: 13.. read more →