The gift guides are almost complete. I will certainly be back with lots of design inspiration this week.   I know I have likely overwhelmed you with ideas galore but I do LOVE to shop especially for gifts.   Do not neglect the little things.  It is always fun  to find expected treat in your.. read more →

We have a house full of dogs and a pony to spoil this holiday season. Do not forget to take care of you furry friends. They certainly deserve some presents too. One of my favorite things is BarkBox that arrives monthly for my dogs. You can subscribe monthly or try it once. It is full.. read more →

I am rounding the corner of the final gift guides. Are you exhausted?  Are you overshopped? I get it but, I cannot stop. There is much to accomplish.  Shop my existing Gift Guides for loads of holiday ideas and stay tuned for additional upcoming guides: 2016 Gift Guide for the Tween / Teen 2016 Gift Guide.. read more →

After I recovered from my turkey induced slumber, I have scoured the web to put together the ultimate list of sales so you will be perfectly prepared for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. I’ve included the best stores and even a few of my favorite things from some of the places. What I have noticed.. read more →

Today is a day of thanks.   I am thankful for so many blessings.  I am thankful for all of you who take the time to read my musings each day. I look forward to celebrating our freedom and gifts which we are given with family.  I do know this holiday can cause stress and.. read more →

I realize it is a bit extravagant and possibly selfish to share my personal WishList before finishing all of my gift guides.  But, for the sake of time and possibly saving a little dough for my dear family I want to go ahead and share this very special laundry list of wants so that my hubby can get.. read more →

There is no group harder to shop for than this!  Those grumpy grumbling ones who are not children yet they are not the adults they claim to be. These are the teens and tweens that are difficult to please yet they find true joy from their friends, technology and time.   If all else fails,.. read more →