My pal,  HUTTON WILKINSON,  gave me the head’s up on his super sale of the century that starts today!   I covered my visit to his incredible home HERE and DAWNRIDGE over 3 years ago.   It still is the dreamiest day to date in my design history. We can now own a piece of Hutton.. read more →

Ever since seeing Million Dollar Decorators last week I am seriously lusting for lavender and emerald.  This image above from Pinterest is the BOMB! Chanel and fur in lavender, and dash or emerald = DIVINE. Here is the Monika Chaing NYC boutique designed by the oh so talented Mary McDonald. Will I ever get enough.. read more →

Dawnridge This beautiful property was originally owned by Tony Duquette and his wife, Elizabeth.  Hutton and Ruth Wilkinson bought the home and property from the estate in order to save and preserve the history of Dawnridge.  Hutton had updated and redecorated the property over the years. You can see many of the original pictures in.. read more →

I posted a few weeks ago about Hutton and Ruth Wilkinson's beautiful new home.  I included all the pictures from the wonderful Harper's Bazaar article.  I sent my post to Hutton whom I had met in Charlotte a few years back.  I was so flattered to be invited to his home last Sunday for a.. read more →

The new issue of Harper's Bazaar just blew me away. First Gwyneth on the cover with a seriously beautiful and strong body, then the AMAZING home of Hutton Wilkinson. You can read the full article HERE. I had the pleasure of meeting this true gentleman in Charlotte a few years ago when he brought his.. read more →

18 Jan 2012
January 18, 2012


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 This photo sums up all that I LOVE.  It is my version of perfection. Purple, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Silver, Animal Prints, Mirrors, Glitter, Sparkle…Tony Duquette was a genius and so is Hutton Wilkinson. What else can a girl need? "Chic, Chic, Chic" as Eloise would say. See all images via Vogue Living.  read more →