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Kate Waddell’s Charleston

The fashion Super Bowl is tonight!  I cannot wait to be back with my Dress to Room Pairings late.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive them and other goodness directly to your inbox in the morning. I do have some Sunday fun to share.  A previous Artist Spotlight Series feature, Kate Waddell, has..

Link Lovin’

This sweatshirt defines me and my weekend.  Marshall and I ignored our children and binge watched Making a Murderer all day on Saturday. …all day… the whole series…one day. Impressive right? I am so confused…sad…freaked out…What a crazy story! Don’t miss T Magazine The Most Breathtaking Rooms T Featured This Year. There are some great features.  I love..

Jewelry Love: Mary Frances Flowers

I am excited to introduce you to a budding jewelry designer.   Her unique and creative designs are sure to capture your curiosity as they have mine.  Mary Frances Flowers Asheville, NC  What is your training?  I’ve always been creative and loved putting things together with my hands but didn’t have any formal “training” until college. A..

Artist Spotlight Series: Leonard Baby

It is an Artist Spotlight Series Monday.   This talent was introduced to me by a previously featured artist whom I adore, Brooks Burns. He has a great eye so I knew I would love the work of his fellow artist. Enjoy getting to know the talented Leonard Baby A.K.A. Reed Stanton New York, New York..

Eye Candy: Pinterest Favorites This Week

  I am always inspired by travel, design & life which I share and curate on Pinterest.  Here are some recent favorites all of which you can find HERE. What are you pinning these days? Daily Desires: (email subscribers open in a browser to view content) Be sure to subscribe to THE ENGLISH ROOM for extra news, giveaways..

Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

I am so happy to be in beautiful Rosemary Beach for a Rollins College girls weekend. As “the Eight”, we never miss a year and it has been 18 months since we have been together. I have found an exceptional amount of wants this week.  Dresses galore wanting THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.  Sandals..

Things I Love Thursday

I am back with week 57 of my Things I Love Thursday series.   This is a collection of things I use/wear/want on a regular basis and want to share. Skrewball Whiskey is the greeting part of 2021 so far. I was introduced to it last weekend and I want everyone to run, not walk to go get..

Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

We are back at Tryon Resorts for another horse show. I am glad to be a spectator this weekend. There are so many great new things to covet currently. The Multicolor Gucci Collection has me wanting it all the rainbows with THIS, THIS and THESE. Gresham has a great new line of fun block print dresses…

Things I Love Thursday

I am back with week 56 of my Things I Love Thursday series.   This is a collection of things I use/wear/want on a regular basis and want to share. Delice de Bourgogne Cheese from Trader Joe’s… possibly the best cheese in the world. Signature Napkins Quarantine Quotes Cotton Cocktail Napkins – 50 x White 4.5″ x..

Retail Therapy & Weekend Wants

Today was a fun one! I showed my horse for the first time ever. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I have a new respect for equestrians. It is much harder than it looks.  I need some retail therapy as my reward.  I am crazy about the new Farm Rio collection. I..