How does this keep happening?   My children are growing up in a flash.   I am so proud of each of them in their own ways. Bo is funny, kind and a musical talent and 12!   Seeing him on stage makes me so happy. Here is his recording last year for his birthday.. read more →

19 Jan 2015
January 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Violet!

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Where does the time go?   I feel like I was just pregnant with my eldest child and now she is 14!!!! How does this happen in the blink of an eye? Happy Birthday to my first baby with the heart of gold!  You are such a blessing! We love you. And if you want.. read more →

How do I have a  teenager? Today is the 13TH birthday of my eldest child, Nancy “Violet” Phillips.  She is the sweetest, albeit moody these days, child a mother could ever ask for. Her name comes from her paternal Great Grandmother and her maternal Grandmother. She has the bubbling personality of a blooming violet.  It.. read more →

  Happy 7th Birthday to my baby girl, Gigi, today. Where does the time go? “What would you like for your birthday?”  A pony.  Only a pony! Well no pony arrived here this morning nor did a tack room which was the 2nd option presented to us. But, in honor of her horse obsession I.. read more →

Today we are celebrating my husband's 29th (not really) birthday.  We have 2 December birthdays in this house to add to the frenzy… We had a great family celebration before we head to NYC without the kids tomorrow to celebrate with friends and do a little shopping and work too. Here are some snaps for.. read more →

Via Happy 6th Birthday to my youngest child, Gigi.  She is adorable, creative, strong willed, opinionated, precious, colorful and a bit naughty just like the work of artist, Donald Roller Wilson.  I have had a long standing love affair with his work since 1991 when I saw a few pieces in a gallery in Palm.. read more →

22 Jan 2012
January 22, 2012

Birthday Boy

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Today is the 9th birthday of my son Bo.  He asked what post I would be doing for him for his birthday since he was aware I had done one for Violet. I had not thought of that. That being said, Bo is all boy. He is dirty, messy, silly and sweet with a huge.. read more →