Fashion obsessed I may be but, the link to fashion and interiors is undeniable as trend prediction and style inspiration.    The latest Valentino collection is a nod to the 70’s (ditch those skinny jeans) yet a glamourous and ladylike bohemian.  And the stars are aligned to be sure with the cosmic part of the.. read more →

I know I am not a “fashion blogger” but, I find fashion so incredibly inspiring not only for it’s genre but, for interiors as well. The correlation in color trends is typically spot on.  I was wowed beyond belief with a few Resort 2015 collections that I plan to share this week.   Valentino really.. read more →

Daphne Guinness, beer heiress, is beyond cool! Check out her divine apartment in New York. It was featured in Architectural Digest.  I fell hard for the amazing art, use of strong color, and overall glitz and glam.  Her designer was Daniel Romualdez of Tory Burch fame. I am such a huge fan of Damian Hirst… read more →

I needed to share this beauty after yesterday's butterflies.   This is a lovely lavender vignette from Lonny Magazine by Celerie Kemble. I love the tulip table and chairs with the banquette and the iridescent Morpho butterflies encased in an acrylic shadow box. These were custom by Butterfly People. read more →

I am a big fan of Damien Hirst.  I love these butterfly works.  I think they are eerie and beautiful at the same time.    Beautiful Two Paths Painting with Butterflies Book available here along with original art and T-shirts. The scale of these pieces are amazing. A picture of Damien Hirst in front of.. read more →