I am playing catch up from all my travels this week.   I am so busy but loving it. I have lots of fun design projects popping up. Yet, I am distracted by the internet. Dying over the new Addison Weeks Riddick Earrings with gemstones! I have also got it bad for the Eliza Gran.. read more →

Fashion obsessed I may be but, the link to fashion and interiors is undeniable as trend prediction and style inspiration.    The latest Valentino collection is a nod to the 70’s (ditch those skinny jeans) yet a glamourous and ladylike bohemian.  And the stars are aligned to be sure with the cosmic part of the.. read more →

Style and Paris go hand in hand so, in honor of my travels to The City of Light” here are my Fall must haves. Au Revoir… 1. The Oversized Clutch CLARE VIVIER Oversize Clutch 2. Leather or Vegan Leather Leggings via Vegan Leather Leggings or HERE 3. A Stone Cuff Addison Weeks Wilgus Cuff   4… read more →

  Valentino Camo Rockstud Crystal Slingbacks Camo has invaded fall fashion. This military inspired style is an easy way to bring edgy medswear in to your style.   a few styling tips: Mix camoflage with other neutral colors. It looks great with white jeans. Add a femanine touch to balance this menswear inspired print. Try a.. read more →

I am sitting inside on a rainy mountain day today trying to think about my upcoming trip this week to the Outer Banks with the 4th grade/ rising 5th graders. It sounds overwhelming to go with 80 kids and 80 parents on buses for 4 days but, is really fun actually (this ain’t my first.. read more →