I did it. We did it. Everyone did it. It truly took a village to get this One Room Challenge finished.   We did get the interior done with a little punch list as to be expected but, the exterior is still ongoing. I am over the moon to finally have a working kitchen again… read more →

This One Room Challenge has me on my toes!  I have been busy at High Point Market fielding calls and facetiming to see progress and answering questions.  This week did mostly go as planned thankfully. My prior miscalculation in my calendar still has turned up the heat but I am hoping it will all work.. read more →

I did it!   I am thrilled to report my 7th One Room Challenge has been completed. As always, there are high,lows & challenges galore. This space now personifies my style and is beautifully bright & happy. Be sure to scroll through to see all the details of our newly refreshed den. Need to be.. read more →

I am fresh off a plane from London. I am tired and unhappy about the progress while I was gone.   There is one stellar thing to report….otherwise, we are one step forward and two steps back. Need to be updated?…As you may know from WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3 & WEEK 4 I am participating.. read more →

I am a mess. I have little to report.  I had a crap week.  I have been busy running on the hamster wheel. I had a car accident that shook me yet didnt physically hurt me. thankfully. I have replayed it in my mind a zillion times. I looked and the car wasn’t coming… but.. read more →

I am hot back off the highway from High Point Market which was invigorating and exhausting at the same time. As you may know from WEEK 1 & WEEK 2, I am participating in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. Here is the plan from last week in picture / vendor form.   Be sure.. read more →

As you may have read last week, I am participating in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. This week has a plan and a tad bit of progress. This far my room has been painted… that is all. Lots of orders are placed and some are still pending.   If I was my client for.. read more →