Julian Chichester & Mr. Brown Home are always market highlights for me. They create high quality well designed furniture that discreetly straddles the line from traditional to modern.  I am such a fan and want to share a few highlights… Be sure to subscribe to THE ENGLISH ROOM for extra news, giveaways and discounts. Let’s get friendly on Facebook,.. read more →

Pedestal Dining Tables are so versatile as you can use many chairs or a few and never have a worry about legs. They can be hall center tables, library tables, the uses are endless.  I am a fan.   Here are the 10 Best Pedestal Dining Tables.  Barnsley Dining Table by Bernhardt Misty Dining Table by Mr… read more →

Shark Week has my family glued to the TV.  If you are not watching you are missing out.  Watch the one about a 38′ Great White in South Africa called Submarine, The Shark of Darkness: The Wrath of Submarine. You may never touch your toe in the water again. I do love a shark…on my.. read more →

I feel worn out after all this election craziness and with the donkey in the winning seat I have the hoof on the brain. I have complied some hoof tables and chairs that I have been fawning over… I love the animalistic nature of these combined with the sense of whimsy.  Noir Noir Noir Noir Noir.. read more →