I am not a huge reader but, I love good summer books. I tend to listen on Audible and not read.  My ADD makes me multitask.   Needlepoint (from HERE or HERE) and listening to books is a summer guilty pleasure. Here are the hot summer books on my list: Shop my Ultimate 2019 Graduation Gift.. read more →

I have a lovely client that is needlepoint addicted. She does the most beautiful pieces.  We were discussing Thörn Alexander today and how darn chic her pieces are. Remember I featured Brooke McGowan HERE who happens to the brains and beauty behind the brand. I think it is time I put down the phone and laptop.. read more →

As much as I travel, I should be used to jet lag. Taking the redeye back from LA last night was a terrible idea. I’m utterly exhausted!  I did find a little time to pop on Etsy and a few other sites.  I came across the cutest source for fun gifts and accessories on Etsy, Miss.. read more →