I am back with week 14 of my Things I Love Thursday series.   This is a collection of things I use /wear on a regular basis and want to share.  Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Greek Yogurt Dip is the best pita chip and veggie dip ever! Golden Goose Needlepoint Ornaments from Charlotte artist, Dizzy.. read more →

It looks like we are in this “Shelter-in-place” state a good bit longer.   It is a scary and unprecedented time but with all this time you need to keep busy.  Needlepoint can be a good way to do this.  It is a soothing and calming activity.  There are a few favorite accounts to follow.. read more →

I am not a huge reader but, I love good summer books. I tend to listen on Audible and not read.  My ADD makes me multitask.   Needlepoint (from HERE or HERE) and listening to books is a summer guilty pleasure. Here are the hot summer books on my list: Shop my Ultimate 2019 Graduation Gift.. read more →

I have a lovely client that is needlepoint addicted. She does the most beautiful pieces.  We were discussing Thörn Alexander today and how darn chic her pieces are. Remember I featured Brooke McGowan HERE who happens to the brains and beauty behind the brand. I think it is time I put down the phone and laptop.. read more →

As much as I travel, I should be used to jet lag. Taking the redeye back from LA last night was a terrible idea. I’m utterly exhausted!  I did find a little time to pop on Etsy and a few other sites.  I came across the cutest source for fun gifts and accessories on Etsy, Miss.. read more →