Sometimes you find chic things in the most surprising places.   When was fresh out of college and had returned from living in London, I had he cutest condo in Atlanta on Peachtree Road at The Briary.  It was adjacent to Pier 1.  I often popped in for wine glasses, tabletop and accessories.  I still.. read more →

I happened across the best find to share!   I am a sucker for tableware and plates especially. Some my call it hoarding yet, I call it collecting.  I remember my grandmother had a set of the original yellow cabbage dinnerware that I coveted. You will not believe where I discovered this latest find the.. read more →

Every room needs a mirror for glamour, light and function.  As a designer I am on a constant shopping search for clients. I have scoured the web for some of the best and brightest.  From bone mirrors, horn mirrors, twig mirrors, starburst mirrors and so many more, I have you covered.      Be sure.. read more →

I think this is the fabric that started it all.  I saw this fabric over a year ago when I was rushing to Calico Corners for an emergency extra pack of curtain rings. I saw the Iman Home Fabrics.  I love the vibrancy of this fabric along with the metallic gold thread. I used it.. read more →