My friend, artist and shop owner, Steve McKenzie, whom I featured in my Artist Spotlight Series has come up with a fabulous collection of prints.  I am always a proponent of original art but when you often need some decorative additions to fill a space you cannot beat these.  The quality is superior and the.. read more →

How did I miss the last Jane Churchill fabric collection? I kinda have lots of loves especially all the color and pattern, natch!  Jane Churchill collections are known for being fresh, relaxed and easy-to-use, often with a contemporary twist. The large selection of prints, wovens, checks, stripes, wallpapers, and trimmings always feature a fantastic range of.. read more →

I had such terrific response to my last Etsy finds I wanted to share some additional FAVORITES.  Feel free to share yours and I will feature them too… VIA  We all need a shamrock for a little luck. VIA  So true… VIA VIA VIA  Sorry but, I love a good curse word VIA VIA VIA.. read more →

I loved these lights made out of vintage beaded African loin cloths… A chic decoupage sconce… A matching black decoupage  bell jar…this would make an entryway. I am a sucker for any bone or mother of pearl inlay. I am dying to use these tulips in a girls room. I cannot get enough of these.. read more →