Tom Scheerer is the designer of understated elegance. He could teach a master class on the subject. His latest book, More Decorating, is an education and a visual delight as well. Enjoy a look into this new release.    In Tom Scheerer’s second book, twenty of his latest projects are featured, including city houses and.. read more →

I have had a load for lovely design books to devour this fall. Vendome Press has kindly sent me a few to share that are real treats.   This latest one combines my love of fashion, design and all things French.   Do not miss it and enjoy a look at:  Dior and His Decorators: Victor.. read more →

I recently listened to the Bunny Mellon biography on Audible. It was fascinating, riveting and sad.  She had many passions in her life. Gardening was certainly the one that was continuous and fulfilling. Bunny lived a life of true style. She expected and had only the best.  Vendome Press kindly sent an advance copy of this.. read more →

I was thrilled to receive a coveted advance copy of Amanda Lindroth’s new book, Island Hopping. It truly transports you to the islands. You are whisked from one magical location to the next. Each more comfortable than the next with plenty of style but an informal ease only attained with a life well traveled and.. read more →

Brush off your bookshelves and cocktail tables. I have a new design stunner you must add to your collection. A House in the Country shares the genius and bold designs created by a well matched pair of creatives. Designer Katie Ridder and her architect husband, Peter Pennoyer create unexpected magic i their country home.   I was sold.. read more →