I am lucky enough to have received an advance copy of a new book you MUST HAVE. This book is FULL of helpful tips and tricks for entertaining and gardening both of which Chris seems to do effortlessly… or he has perfected making it look that way. I have visited his lovely farm a few times.. read more →

It is the deepest part of winter and cold right now.  I actually love cold and snow. I find it quiet and peaceful. Yet, I still have a massive mudpie in my back yard that is driving me insane.   I am dreaming of the perfect backyard for next summer.   Shelley Johnstone Paschke has.. read more →

I recently listened to the Bunny Mellon biography on Audible. It was fascinating, riveting and sad.  She had many passions in her life. Gardening was certainly the one that was continuous and fulfilling. Bunny lived a life of true style. She expected and had only the best.  Vendome Press kindly sent an advance copy of this.. read more →

21 May 2018
May 21, 2018

Ode to Outdoor

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After a lovely few days in New York exploring exquisite gardens, I am truly inspired to get my outdoor space in order.  In order to do that I need new outdoor furniture, garden planning and more time.  Here are my favorite outdoor finds to share.  I am currently coveting this collection more that most. Hoping.. read more →

I am en route to Millbrook, NY to visit family and for the acclaimed Trade Secrets tour.   I have tried to make this happen for years but have not gotten it together until now. I am so looking forward to an amazing few days.   These gardens are sure to be the highlights.   The.. read more →