A Cure for the Monday Blues from Etsy


Why do Mondays have to come so quickly? 

I thought we were in need of a little Monday cheer in the form of art.  I discovered an Etsy artist from Latvia named Gaja Daniliana with a shop called Agade. It is sure to make you smile. Headed over to see over 50 more pieces. Here is the interesting bio on the artist.  So clever.

I am a fan of XVII-IX centuries’ art. I am travelling and visiting European and Russian art museums, where the great collections of art are selected. Once I was very tired and had a nap in the Hermitage Museum. I dreamed that animals not people are watching at me from the canvas. It was indeed very bizarre but amazing. First, I got freighted. Then I got used to it. These images have started to come more frequently. They got names. Different stories are happening to them. They live, they love and they are happy and sad. I really got loved them and decided to embody them for you to make possible to see them. The story is continuing every day.

And………… I love the old photos”

All printed on professional silk satin photo paper 280g, for rich vivid colors and high quality. The print will be carefully packed . 

Size 8, 5 x 12 inch (210mmx297mm)
Frame a4







I hope this helped cure the Monday “Grumpy Cat” blues.

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