A la Montagne with Gray Malin Photography

As we head to Aspen to ski I am reminded of the work of the talented Gray Malin.



I am a huge fan of the photography of Gray Malin that captures the essence of resort areas with a fantastical aerial views. 

"Shooting from doorless helicopters, this series has been photographed around the world from the U.S. to Brazil to Australia. From above, a simple beach or pool becomes a blank canvas that allows me to start seeing the world as art. People and objects become patterns creating repetition, shape and form. These photographs are a visual celebration of color, light, shape—and summer bliss."




Maison Gray is his website where you can purchase a piece of your own. Gray's blog often features his travels to the most fabulous of places. I am looking forward to seeing the safari pics from a recent Africa journey.


Be sure to check out the A La Plage series as well. The prices make them an easy addition to any collection. 

I always have wanderlust in my heart.

I am grateful to get on the mountain for some skiing and family fun this week. 


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