A New York Night to Remember…

I had the pleasure of catching up with my cousin, the talented Ashley Whittaker. She invited me and my Charlotte friend and designer, Cathy Austin, to join her for the book launch party for Ricky Lauren's new book, The Hamptons Food, Family, and History.  I lept at this invitation.  The party was truly the peak of chic! The southerners stood out in colored frocks while the NYC gals were clothed in black, white and cream.  Dylan Lauren even commented on our color. She too was in purple and looked gorgeous. I tried to keep my excitement at bay as I gawked at Ralph, Ricky, the family, Micheal Bloomberg and Martha Stewart to name a few.  I have shared the blurb from Vogue and a few pictures. 

Ralph did not extend the invitation for me to move to Double RL Ranch but, maybe next time. 

Via Vogue

via Vogue

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via Vogue

The Wall Street Journal also covered the event.

Hit Vogue.com to see the full article and pictures.

“My favorite place in the world is my dad’s house in Montauk, ” said Dylan Lauren at the launch party for her mother Ricky’s new book,  The Hamptons: Food, Family, and History. A compilation of recipes, photographs, and original watercolors, the book beautifully illustrates one of New York City’s most exclusive getaways by drawing upon the fond memories that the Lauren family has shared there. 


Yesterday evening’s  cool breeze swept through the limestone interior of Ralph Laurens Madison Avenue women’s boutique, where the designer himself greeted guests including Shala Monroque and Marina Rust. Ricky stood at a desk flanked by bouquets of white lilies and pink roses, signing books for friends and sharing laughs with Mayor Michael Bloomberg andMartha Stewart,  while appetizers, “all inspired by my favorite recipes, ” were passed on silver trays. Copies of the new tome sat atop glass display cases, opened to pages with images of blueberry crisp and photos of ocean sunsets. “I like the pictures the most, ” daughter Dylan observed with a smile. “They’re great representations of the way we lived there.”


Thank you Ash for including me!

image via Goop

We also had a fabulous dinner following the party at Market Table (sister restaurant to The Little Owl, another favorite).  The food was amazing, I had a carpaccio, french fry and arugula salad.  The dessert we shared was riccota fritters with a warm salted carmel dipping sauce.  DIVINE!  Make your reservation.  This spot is to die…


  • May 25, 2012

    i want a divorce 😉

  • May 25, 2012

    What an exciting evening!! A most good looking Family…the Laurens have become iconic indeed! I came over from Anne's..

    Do come visit..Special Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

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