A Quest for an Elephant Necklace

I am known to be quite resourceful in finding something when I want it.  This particular trait was inherited from my mother who does not accept "NO" as an answer.  Well, I am stumped.  I saw a vintage piece on the fashion designer and Manhattanite, Elizabeth McKay, in Matchbook Mag.

Here is the wild goose chase that has ensued and after an extensive online search this is what I have to report. 

Matchbook Magazine Article 

Check it out. The house is great. 




I think her necklace is Pauline Rader Vintage. Some have been seen on Ebay. Nothing now…


I did find this from seasons past. This Dannijo Babar in Gold is sold out everywhere!   


How good does it look on?

So, anyone out there have a clue?  I hate not getting what I want.  This pachyderm has to be mine!

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  • May 13, 2013

    Just found your blog today via Pinterest! of which I am a big fan. Thought if ever you do a story on Suzanis and decorating with historic textiles, you might refer to my site and pinterest page as a reference. I have been collecting and selling suzanis for 5 years. Please take a look it might be fodder for a future article! Thank you and I will be checking back!

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