Alt Summit Overload

This little lovely print from ETSY's Lefty Lettering print* sums up my day at ALT Summit.  Today I took in literal tons of information with a Photoshop class, a Illustrator 101 class and a Media Kit class (which I am in still.) I actually think my mind has become mush since college.  It confirms that you must be young to go to school all day. 




P.S. How precious is this?…Wine in the hotel bar is coming soon:)

*Kristin, of Lefty Lettering, was kind enough to let me know she is running a sale this weekend with code FUNTIMES for 15% off.



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  • January 27, 2013

    Good for you, Holly.  That's great!  I know what you mean by overload.  I took a Business Ownership class last year and it was like choking down dry toast.  Once I had a moment to process all the info, it has really been helpful.  Have a great weekend!

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